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Motion Planning

Autonomous Behaviors for Interactive Vehicle Animations
Jared Go, Thuc Vu, James Kuffner
Finding paths for coherent groups using clearance
Arno Kamphuis, Mark Overmars

Motion Patterns

Breath Easy: Model and control of simulated respiration for animation (Movie)
Zordan, V. B., Chiu, B., Celly, B., Dilorenzo, P. C.
Layered Dynamic Control for Interactive Character Swimming (Project)
Paul Yang, Joseph Laszlo, Karan Singh

Emotion Through Motion

Methods for Exploring Expressive Stance (Movie)
Michael Neff, Eugene Fiume
System for Authoring Highly Interactive, Personality-Rich Interactive Characters
A. Bryan Loyall, W. Scott Neal Reilly, Joseph Bates, Peter Weyhrauch

Motion Re-use

Example-Based Control of Human Motion
Eugene Hsu, Sommer Gentry, Jovan Popovic
Precomputing Avatar Behavior from Human Motion Data
Jehee Lee, Kang Hoon Lee
Evaluating Motion Graphs for Character Navigation
Paul Reitsma, Nancy Pollard
Enriching a Motion Collection by Transplanting Limbs
Leslie Ikemoto, David Forsyth

Deformable objects

Quasi-Rigid Objects in Contact
Mark Pauly, Dinesh Pai, Leo Guibas
Collision between deformable objects using a fast-marching on tetrahedral models
Damien Marchal, Fabrice Aubert, Christophe Chaillou
Invertible Finite Elements for Robust Simulation of Large Deformation
Irving, G., Teran, J., Fedkiw, R.
Point Based Animation of Elastic, Plastic and Melting Objects
Matthias Muller, Richard Keiser, Andrew Nealen, Mark Pauly, Markus Gross, Marc Alexa
Decomposing Cloth (Thesis)
Eddy Boxerman, Uri Ascher

Motion Editing and Compression

Interactive Motion Deformation with Prioritized Constraints
Benoit Le Callennec, Ronan Boulic
Momentum-based Parameterization of Dynamic Character Motion
Yeuhi Abe, C. Karen Liu, Zoran Popovic
Wavelet Compression of Parametrically Coherent Mesh Sequences
Igor Guskov, Andrei Khodakovsky


Directible Photorealistic Liquids
Rasmussen, N., Enright, D., Nguyen, D., Marino. S., Sumner, N., Geiger, W., Hoon, S. Fedkiw, R.
Animation of Reactive Gaseous Fluids through Chemical Kinetics
Insung Ihm, Byungkwon Kang, Deukhyun Cha
Extended Galilean Invariance for Adaptive Fluid Simulation
Maurya Shah, Jonathan M. Cohen, Sanjit Patel, Penne Lee, Fred Pighin
Modeling and Editing Flows Using Advected Radial Basis Functions
Fred Pighin, Jonathan M. Cohen, Maurya Shah
Flow Tiles
Stephen Chenney

Intuitive Interfaces for Animation

Crowdbrush: Interactive Authoring of Real-time Crowd Scenes
Branislav Ulicny, Pablo de Heras Ciechomski, Daniel Thalmann
Performance Timing for Keyframe Animation
Silvio Terra, Ronald Metoyer
Motion Map: Image-based Retrieval and Segmentation of Motion Data
Yasuhiko SAKAMOTO, Shigeru KURIYAMA, Toyohisa KANEKO

Animation from Video

Cartoon Textures
Christina de Juan, Bobby Bodenheimer
Animal gaits from video
Laurent Favreau, Lionel Reveret, Christine Depraz, Marie-Paule Cani

Natural Phenomena

Better with Bubbles: Enhancing the Visual Realism of Simulated Fluid
Shannon Greenwood, Donald House
Simulation Levels of Detail for Plant Motion
Jacob Beaudoin, John Keyser
A Hybrid Algorithm for Modeling Ice Formation
Theodore Kim, Michael Henson, Ming C. Lin
Animation and Control of Breaking Waves
Viorel Mihalef, Dimitris Metaxas, Mark Sussman

Motion Transition

Synchronization of interactively adapted motions
Stephane Menardais, Richard Kulpa, Franck Multon, Bruno Arnaldi
Computing the Duration of Motion Transitions: An Empirical Approach
Jing Wang, Bobby Bodenheimer

Reality-based Animation

Real-time Speech Motion Synthesis from Recorded Motions
Yong Cao, Petros Faloutsos, Eddie Kohler, Fred Pighin
Modeling Deformable Human Hands from Medical Images
Tsuneya Kurihara, Natsuki Miyata
Image-Based Tomographic Reconstruction of Flames
Ivo Ihrke, Marcus Magnor