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SESSION 1: Artificial Intelligence for Animation

Imitation as a First Step to Social Learning in Synthetic Characters: A Graph-based Approach
Daphna Buchsbaum, Bruce Blumberg
Animating Autonomous Pedestrians in Urban Environments
Wei Shao, Demetri Terzopoulos

SESSION 2: Motion Capture and Editing

Motion Modeling for On-Line Locomotion Synthesis
Taesoo Kwon, Sung Yong Shin
Capture and Synthesis of Insect Motion
David Gibson, David Oziem, Colin Dalton, Neill Capmbell
Video-Based Character Animation
Jonathan Starck, Gregor Miller, Adrian Hilton
Pushing People Around
Okan Arikan, David Forsyth, James F. O'Brien
An Efficient Search Algorithm for Motion Data Using Weighted PCA
Kevin Forbes, Eugene Fiume

SESSION 3: Natural Phenomena

Particle-Based Simulation of Granular Materials
Nathan Bell, Yizhou Yu, Peter J. Mucha
Simulation of Smoke based on Vortex Filament Primitives
Alexis Angelidis, Fabrice Neyret
Modeling and Animating Gases with Simulation Features
Joshua Schpok, William Dwyer, David S. Ebert

SESSION 4: Interfaces and Interactive Techniques for Animation

Spatial Keyframing for Performance-driven Animation
Takeo Igarashi, Tomer Moscovich, John Hughes
An Art-Directed Wrinkle System for CG Character Clothing
Reid Gershbein, Larry Cutler, Xiaohuan Corina Wang, Cassidy Curtis, Erwan Maigret, Luca Prasso, Peter Farson
Directable Animation of Elastic Objects
Ryo Kondo, Takashi Kanai, Ken-ichi Anjyo
Morphable model of quadrupeds skeletons for animating 3D animals
Lionel Reveret, Laurent Favreau, Christine Depraz, Marie-Paule Cani

SESSION 5: Faces and Hair

Transferable Videorealistic Speech Animation
Yao-Jen Chang, Tony Ezzat
Simulating Complex Hair with Robust Collision Handling
Byoungwon Choe, Min Gyu Choi, Hyeong-Seok Ko

SESSION 6: Performance Animation and Motion Quality

AER: Aesthetic Exploration and Refinement for Expressive Character Animation
Michael Neff, Eugene Fiume
Analyzing the Physical Correctness of Interpolated Human Motion
Alla Safonova, Jessica Hodgins

SESSION 7: Deformable Models

Robust Quasistatic Finite Elements and Flesh Simulation
Joseph Teran, Eftychios Sifakis, Geoffrey Irving, Ronald Fedkiw
Progressive Multiresolution Meshes for Deforming Surfaces
Scott Kircher, Michael Garland

SESSION 8: Non-Photorealistic Animation and Compression

Kaleigh Smith, Yunjun Liu, Allison Klein
Simple and efficient compression of animation sequences
Mirko Sattler, Ralf Sarlette, Reinhard Klein

SESSION 9: Fluids-A

Particle-based Viscoelastic Fluid Simulation
Simon Clavet, Philippe Beaudoin, Pierre Poulin
Taming Liquids for Rapidly Changing Targets
Lin Shi, Yizhou Yu
Particle-Based Fluid-Fluid Interaction
Matthias Müller, Barbara Solenthaler, Richard Keiser, Markus Gross

SESSION 10: Fluids-B

Adapted Unstructured LBM for Flow Simulation on Curved Surfaces
Zhe Fan, Ye Zhao, Arie Kaufman, Ying He
Fluids in Deforming Meshes
Bryan Feldman, James F. O'Brien, Bryan M. Klingner, Tolga Goktekin
Vortex Fluid for Gaseous Phenomena
Sang Il Park, Myoung Jun Kim

SESSION 11: Motion Planning and Crowds

Behavior Planning for Character Animation
Manfred Lau, James Kuffner
Group Motion Graphs
Yu-Chi Lai, Stephen Chenney, ShaoHua Fan
Fast and accurate goal-directed motion synthesis for crowds
Mankyu Sung, Lucas Kovar, Michael Gleicher

SESSION 12: Rigging and Hands

Physically Based Rigging for Deformable Characters
Steve Capell, Matthew Burkhart, Brian Curless, Tom Duchamp, Zoran Popovic
Physically Based Grasping Control from Example
Nancy Pollard, Victor Zordan
Helping Hand: An Anatomically Accurate Inverse Dynamics Solution For Unconstrained Hand Motion
Winnie Tsang, Karan Singh, Eugene Fiume
Outside-In Anatomy Based Character Rigging
Michael Pratscher, Patrick Coleman, Joe Laszlo, Karan Singh