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Session 1: Rendering

GPU-Accelerated High-Quality Hidden Surface Removal
Daniel Wexler, Larry Gritz, E. Enderton, J. Rice
KD-Tree Acceleration Structures for a GPU Raytracer
Tim Foley, Jeremy Sugerman
Split-Plane Shadow Volumes
Samuli Laine

Session 2: Hardware

Hexagonal Storage Scheme for Interleaved Frame Buffers and Textures
Yosuke Bando, T. Saito, M. Fujita
A Fast, Energy-Efficient Z-Comparator
Justin Hensley, Montek Singh, Anselmo Lastra
A Hardware Architecture for Multi-Resolution Volume Rendering
Gregor Wetekam, Dirk Staneker, Urs Kanus, Michael Wand

Session 3: Architectures and Compression

Hardware-Compatible Vertex Compression Using Quantization and Simplification
Budirijanto Purnomo, Jonathan Bilodeau, Jonathan D. Cohen, Subodh Kumar
iPACKMAN: High-Quality, Low-Complexity Texture Compression for Mobile Phones
Jacob Str鰉, Tomas Akenine-M鰈ler
A Reconfigurable Architecture for Load-Balanced Rendering
Jiawen Chen, Michael I. Gordon, William Thies, Matthias Zwicker, Kari Pulli, Fr閐o Durand
Fully Procedural Graphics
Turner Whitted, Jim Kajiya

Session 4: Compilation and Algorithms

Optimal Automatic Multi-pass Shader Partitioning by Dynamic Programming (PDF)
Alan Heirich
Generic Mesh Refinement on GPU
T. Boubekeur, Christophe Schlick
Modified Noise for Evaluation on Graphics Hardware
Marc Olano

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