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Tracy: A Debugger and System Analyzer for Cross-Platform
Sami Ky鰐il?(Nokia), Kari Kangas (Nokia), Kari Pulli (Nokia Research Centre)
Total Recall: A Debugging Framework for GPUs
Ahmad Sharif (Georgia Institute of Technology), Hsien-Hsin Sean Lee (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Hardware and Algorithms

A Hardware Processing Unit for Point Sets
Simon Heinzle (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Gael Guennebaud (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Mario Botsch (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Markus Gross (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
Coherent Layer Peeling for Transparent High-Depth-Complexity Scenes
Nathan Carr (Adobe Systems Inc.), Radomir Mech (Adobe Systems Inc.), Gavin Miller (Adobe Systems Inc.)
Non-Uniform Fractional Tessellation
Jacob Munkberg (Lund University), Jon Hasselgren (Lund University), Tomas Akenine-M鰈ler (Lund University)

GPU Computing

All-Pairs Shortest-Paths for Large Graphs on the GPU
Gary J. Katz (University of Pennsylvania and Lockheed Martin), Joseph T. Kider Jr. (University of Pennsylvania)
On Dynamic Load-Balancing on Graphics Processorsnew
Daniel Cederman (Chalmers University of Technology), Philippas Tsigas (Chalmers University of Technology)
GPU Accelerated Pathfinding
Avi Bleiweiss (NVIDIA Corporation)

Shading, Texturing, and Compression

Floating-Point Buffer Compression in a Unified Codec Architecture
Jacob Strom (Ericsson Research), Per Wennersten (Ericsson Research), Jim Rasmusson (Ericsson Research and Lund University), Jon Hasselgren (Lund University), Jacob Munkberg (Lund University), Petrik Clarberg (Lund University), Tomas Akenine-M鰈ler (Lund University)
DHTC: An Effective DXTC-based HDR Texture Compression Scheme
Wen Sun (University of Science and Technology of China), Yan Lu (Microsoft Research Asia), Feng Wu (Microsoft Research Asia), Shipeng Li (Microsoft Research Asia)
An Improved Shading Cache for Modern GPUs
Pitchaya Sitthi-amorn (University of Virginia), Jason Lawrence (University of Virginia), Lei Yang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Pedro V. Sander (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Diego Nehab (Microsoft Research)

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