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ACM Digital Library: Proceedings 2000 SIGGRAPH/EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Graphics Hardware

Session 1: Polygon Rendering

Algorithms for Division Free Perspective Correct Rendering (presentation)
B. Barenburg, F.J. Peters, C.W. van Overveld (Philip Reseach Laboratories)
Tiled Polygon Traversal Using Half-Plane Edge Functions
J. McCormack, R. McNamara (Compaq Computer Corproration)
Polygon Rendering on a Stream Architecture
J. D. Owens, W. J. Dally, U. J. Kapasi, S. Rixner, P. Mattson, B. Mowery (Stanford University)

Session 2: Mesh Techniques

Hardware-Accelerated Free-Form Deformation
C. Chua, U. Neumann (University of Southern California)
Towards hardware implementation of Loop subdivision
S. Bischoff, L. Kobbelt, H.P. Seidel (Max-Plank-Institute for Computer Sciences)

Session 3: Mapping Techniques

Towards Interactive Bump Mapping with Anisotropic Shift-Variant BRDFs
J. Kautz, H.P. Seidel (Max-Plank-Institute for Computer Sciences)
Adaptive View Dependent Tessellation of Displacement Maps
M. Doggett, J. Hirche (University or T黚ingen)

Session 4: Anti-aliasing

Single-Pass Full-Screen Hardware Accelerated Antialiasing
J. A. Lee, L. S. Kim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Prefiltered Antialiased Lines Using Half-Plane Distance Functions
R, McNamara, J. McCormack, N.P. Jouppi (Compaq Computer Corporation)

Session 5: Network Rendering

Tracking Graphics State for Networked Rendering
I. Buck, G. Humphreys, P. Hanrahan (Stanford University)
Hybrid Sort-First and Sort-Last Parallel Rendering with a Cluster of PCs
R. Samanta, T. Funkhouser, K. Li, J. P. Singh (Princeton University)

Session 6: Volume Rendering

Interactive Volume Rendering on Standard PC Graphics Hardware Using Multi-Textures and Multi-Stage Rasterization
C. Rezk-Salama, K. Engel, M. Bauer, G. Greiner (University of Erlangen), T. Ertl (University of Stuttgart)
GI-Cube: An Architecture for Volumetric Global Illumination and Rendering
F. Dachille, A. Kaufman (SUNY Stony Brook)
Optimizing Ray Casting Performance With A Small-Scale Architecture
H. Ray, D. Silver (Rutgers University)

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