SBIM '08

Fifth Eurographics Workshop on
Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling

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Sketching Shape, Texture and Highlights
Sketching Piecewise Clothoid Curves
    James McCrae,  Karan Singh
Volume Painter: Geometry-Guided Volume Modeling by Sketching on the Cross-Section
    Owada Shigeru, Takahiro Harada, Philipp Holzer, Takeo Igarashi
Sketch and Paint-based Interface for Highlight Modeling
    Romain Pacanowski,  Xavier Granier,  Christophe Schlick,  Pierre Poulin
Low-Level Recognition  
Paper-based Scribble Simplification: Where Do We Stand?
    Alexandra Bartolo,  Kenneth Camilleri, Simon Fabri, Jonathan Borg
ShortStraw: A Simple and Effective Corner
    Aaron Wolin,  Tracy Hammond
From Paper to Machine: Extracting Strokes from Images for use in Sketch Recognition
    Pankaj Rajan,  Tracy Hammond
Sketch-Based Implicit Modeling  
Repoussé: Automatic inflation of 2D artwork
      Pushkar Joshi, Nathan Carr
Matisse : Painting 2D regions for Modeling Free-Form Shapes
    Adrien Bernhardt,  Adeline Pihuit, Marie-Paule Cani,  Loic Barthe
A Sketch-Based Method to Control Deformation in a Skeletal Implicit Surface Modeler
    Masamichi Sugihara, Erwin de Groot, Brian Wyvill, Ryan Schmidt
Data Collection, Search and Composition 
A Data Collection Tool for Sketched Diagrams
    Rachel Blagojevic, Beryl Plimmer, John Grundy, Yong Wang
SOUSA: Sketch-based Online User Study
    Brandon Paulson,  Aaron Wolin, Joshua Johnston, Tracy Hammond
Using Sketches and Retrieval to Create LEGO Models
    Fonseca, Manuel J., Tiago Santos, Filipe Dias, Alfredo Ferreira
Sketch-Based Search and Composition of 3D Models 
     Jeehyung Lee, Thomas Funkhouser 

Sketch-Based Interfaces for Procedural Models 
Sketching Faces
    Orn Gunnarsson, Steve Maddock 
Rapid sketch modeling of clouds
    Jamie Wither,  Antoine Bouthors, Marie-Paule Cani
Sketch-based Parameterization of L-systems using Illustration-inspired Construction Lines
    Fabricio Anastacio, Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz,  Mario Costa Sousa 
User Studies 
Investigating User Requirements and Usability of Immersive Three-dimensional Sketching for Early Conceptual Design – Results from Expert Discussions and User Studies
    Johann Habakuk Israel, Christian Zöllner, Magda Mateescu
An Empirical Study in Pen-Centric User Interfaces: Diagramming
    Andrew Forsberg,  Bob Zeleznik, Joseph La Viola, Sashi Raghupathy, Andrew Bragdon
MathBrush: A Case Study for Pen-based Interactive Mathematics
    George Labahn, Edward Lank, Mirette Marzouk, Andrea Bunt, Scott MacLean, and David Tausky

Higher-Level Recognition and Frameworks  
Supporting Reinterpretation in Computer-Aided Conceptual Design
    Iestyn Jowers, Miquel Prats, Sungwoo Lim, Alison McKay, Steve Garner, Scott Chase
CogSketch: Open-domain sketch understanding for cognitive science research and for education 
    Ken Forbus, Jeffrey Usher, Andrew Lovett, Kate Lockwood,  Jon Wetzel
Automatic Interpretation of Depiction Conventions in Sketched Diagrams
    Kate Lockwood, Andrew Lovett, Ken Forbus, Jeffrey Usher, Morteza Dehghani
AlgoSketch: Algorithm Sketching and Interactive Computation
    Chuanjun Li, Timothy Miller,  Bob Zeleznik,  Joseph La Viola

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