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Session 1: Hardware Architecture

The Visual Vulnerability Spectrum: Characterizing Architectural Vulnerability for Graphics Hardware
Jeremy Sheaffer (University of Virginia) David Luebke (NVIDIA Research), Kevin Skadron (University of Virginia)
A Digital Rights Enabled Graphics Processing System
Weidong Shi (Motorola Application Research Lab), Hsien-Hsin “Sean” Lee, Richard Myungon Yoo, Alexandra Boldyreva (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Minimum Triangle Separation for Correct Z-Buffer Occlusion
Kurt Akeley, Jonathan Su (Microsoft Research Asia)
Distributed Texture Memory in a Multi-GPU Environment
Adam Moerschell, John D. Owens (University of California, Davis)

Session 2:Realistic Rendering on GPUs

Realistic Soft Shadows by Penumbra-Wedges Blending
Vincent Forest Loïc Barthe, Mathias Paulin (IRIT-UPS-CNRS)
GPU-Accelerated Deep Shadow Maps for Direct Volume Rendering
Markus Hadwiger, Andrea Kratz (VRVis Research Center), Christian Sigg (ETH Zurich), Katja Bühler (VRVis Research Center)
Non-interleaved Deferred Shading of Interleaved Sample Patterns
Benjamin Segovia, Jean-Claude Iehl (LIRIS University LYON I), Richard Mitanchey (LASH - ENTPE), Bernard Péroche (LIRIS University LYON I)
Quadtree Relief Mapping
Mark Schroders, Rob van Gulik (Eximion)

Session 3: Algorithms in Hardware

B-KD Trees for Hardware Accelerated Ray Tracing of Dynamic Scenes
Sven Woop, Gerd Marmitt, Philipp Slusallek (Saarland University)
Efficient Video Decoding on GPUs by Point Based Rendering
Bo Han, Bingfeng Zhou (Peking University)
Pseudorandom Number Generation on the GPU
Myles Sussman, William Crutchfield, Matthew Papakipos (PeakStream)

Session 4: Compression

High Quality Normal Map Compression
Jacob Munkberg, Tomas Akenine-Möller (Lund University), Jacob Ström (Ericsson Research)
Efficient Depth Buffer Compression
Jon Hasselgren Tomas Akenine-Möller (Lund University)
Compressed Lossless Texture Representation and Caching
Tetsugo Inada (University of Waterloo, Sony), Michael McCool (University of Waterloo, RapidMind)

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