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Session 1: Figure Modeling and Animation

Generating Unified Model for Dressed Virtual Humans
Seungwoo Oh, Hyungseok Kim, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Kwangyun Wohn
Key Probe: A Technique for Animation Keyframe Extraction
Ke-Sen Huang, Chun-Fa Chang, Yu-Yao Hsu, Shi-Nine Yang
Sweep-based Human Deformation
Dae-Eun Hyun, Seung-Hyun Yoon, Jung-Woo Chang, Joon-Kyung Seong, Myung-Soo Kim, Bert Jüttler
Character Animation Creation using Hand-drawn Sketches
Bing-Yu Chen, Yutaka Ono, Tomoyuki Nishita

Session 2: Rendering Techniques and Global Illumination

Capturing and Rendering Geometry Details for BTF-mapped Surfaces
Jiaping Wang, Xin Tong, John Snyder, Yanyun Chen, Baining Guo, Heung-Yeung Shum
Intersection Fields for Interactive Global Illumination
Zhong Ren, Wei Hua, Lu Chen, Hujun Bao
Geocube - GPU accelerated real-time rendering of transparency and translucency
Bin Chan, Wenping Wang
Interactive Fragment Tracing (Project)
Jan Meseth, Michael Guthe, Reinhard Klein

Session 3: Image-based Techniques

Video Completion using Tracking and Fragment Merging
Yun-tao Jia, Shi-min Hu, Ralph R. Martin
Compression of Multiple Depth-Maps for IBR
Sashi Kumar Penta, P. J. Narayanan
Minimizing user intervention in registering 2D images to 3D models
Thomas Franken, Matteo Dellepiane, Fabio Ganovelli, Paolo Cignoni, Claudio Montani, Roberto Scopigno
Scalable 3D Video of Dynamic Scenes
Michael Waschbüsch, Stephan Würmlin, Daniel Cotting, Filip Sadlo, Markus Gross
Single View Compositing with Shadows
Xiaochun Cao, Yuping Shen, Mubarak Shah, Hassan Foroosh

Session 4: Digital Geometry Processing and Meshes (I)

Mesh Segmentation using Feature Point and Core Extraction
Sagi Katz, George Leifman, Ayellet Tal
Mesh Segmentation Driven by Gaussian Curvature
Hitoshi Yamauchi, Stefan Gumhold, Rhaleb Zayer, Hans-Peter Seidel
Geometry Completion and Detail Generation by Texture Synthesis
Minh X. Nguyen, Xiaoru Yuan, Baoquan Chen

Session 5: Digital Geometry Processing and Meshes (II)

Topology Preserving Simplification of 2D Non-Manifold Meshes with Embedded Structures
Fabien Vivodtzev, Georges-Pierre Bonneau, Paul Le Texier
Quadrilateral and Tetrahedral Mesh Stripification Using 2-Factor Partitioning of the Dual Graph
Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez, Gopi Meenakshisundaram
Detail Control in Line Drawings of 3D Meshes
Kyuman Jeong, Alex Ni, Seungyong Lee, Lee Markosian

Session 6: Physically Based Simulation

An Improved Scheme of Interactive Finite Element Model for 3D Soft Tissue Cutting and Deformation
Wen Wu, Pheng Ann Heng
Modeling Cracks and Fractures
Brett Desbenoit, Eric Galin, Samir Akkouche
Real-Time Simulation of Physically Based On-Surface Flow (Project)
Youquan Liu, Hongbin Zhu, Xuehui Liu, Enhua Wu

Session 7: Volume Graphics and Medical Image Processingx

Fast Rendering of Foveated Volumes in Wavelet-based Representation
Hang Yu, Ee-Chien Chang, Zhiyong Huang, Zhijian Zheng
Volume Cutout
Xiaoru Yuan, Nan Zhang, Minh X. Nguyen , Baoquan Chen
GPU-based 3D Wavelet Reconstruction with Tileboarding
Antonio Garcia, Han-Wei Shen
Building 3D surface networks from 2D curve networks with application to anatomical modeling
Tao Ju, Joe Warren, James Carson, Gregor Eichele, Christina Thaller, Wah Chiu, Musodiq Bello and Ioannis Kakadiaris

Session 8: Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Expressive Line Selection by Example
Eric B. Lum, Kwan-Liu Ma
Interactive Sketch Generation
Hyung W. Kang, Wenjie He, Charles K. Chui, Uday K. Chakraborty

Session 9: Textures

Shell Radiance Texture Functions
Ying Song, Yanyun Chen, Xin Tong, Stephen Lin, Jiaoying Shi, Baining Guo, Heung-Yeung Shum
Texture Mapping on Surfaces of Arbitrary Topology using Norm Preserving based Optimization
Shuhua Lai, Fuhua (Frank) Cheng
Real-Time Geometric Deformation Displacement Maps using Programmable Hardware (Project)
Sagi Schein, Eran Karpen, Gershon Elber
Uniform Texture Synthesis and Texture Mapping Using Global Parameterization
Lujin Wang, Xianfeng Gu, Klaus Mueller, Shing-Tung Yau

Session 10: Geometric Computing and Processing (I)

Fitting Unorganized Point Clouds with Active Implicit B-Spline Curves
Zhouwang Yang, Jiansong Deng, Falai Chen
What's in an Image: Towards the Computation of the "Best" View of an Object
Oleg Polonsky, Giuseppe Patane, Silvia Biasotti, Craig Gotsman, Michela Spagnuolo
Efficient Spectral Watermarking of Large Meshes with Orthogonal Basis Functions
Jianhua Wu, Leif Kobbelt

Session 11: Geometric Computing and Processing (II)

Smooth Spline Surface Generation over Meshes of Irregular Topology
Jin Jin Zheng, , Jian J Zhang, H J Zhou, L G Shen
Semantic-Oriented 3D Shape Retrieval using Relevance Feedback
George Leifman, Ron Meir, Ayellet Tal
Connectivity Compression in Arbitrary Dimension
Sylvain Prat, Patrick Gioia, Yves Bertrand, Daniel Meneveaux