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Invited Talk

Exploring Directability
Ken Anjyo
Over-Sketching as Human Video Out
Marc Alexa
Simulating the Appearance of Nature
Henrik Wann Jensen

Session 1 Skull, Face, and Knits

The Craniofacial Reconstruction from the Local Structural Diversity of Skulls
Yuru Pei, Hongbin Zha, Zhongbiao Yuan
Reconstructing head models from photographs for individualized 3D-audio processing
Matteo Dellepiane, Nico Pietroni, Nicolas Tsingos, Manuel Asselot, Roberto Scopigno
Reconstructing 3D Shape, Albedo and Illumination from a Single Face Image
Shu-Fan Wang, Shang-Hong Lai
Knitting a 3D Model
Yuki Igarashi, Takeo Igarashi, Hiromasa Suzuki

Session 2 Image Editing

Perceptual Evaluation of Color to Grayscale Image Conversions
Martin Cadik
Distortion Optimization Based Image Completion from a Large Displacement View
Chunxiao Liu, Yingzhen Yang, Qunsheng Peng, Jin Wang, Wei Chen
Example-based Multiple Local Color Transfer by Strokes
Chung-Lin Wen, Chang-His Hsieh, Bing-Yu Chen, Ming Ouhyoung
Shape-simplifying Image Abstraction
Henry Kang, Seungyong Lee

Session 3 Moving Images

Time and View Interpolation in Image Space
Timo Stich, Christian Linz, Georgia Albuquerque, Marcus Magnor
Sketching MLS Image Deformations On the GPU
Yanlin Weng, Xiaohan Shi, Hujun Bao, Jun Zhang
Shrinkability Maps for Content-Aware Video Resizing
Yi-Fei Zhang, Shi-Min Hu, Ralph R. Martin
Capturing Intention-based Full-Frame Video Stabilization
Bing-Yu Chen, Ken-Yi Lee, Jong-Shan Lin, Wei-Ting Huang

Session 4 Subdivision & Segmentation

A Biorthogonal Wavelet Approach based on Dual Subdivision
Hui Zhang, Guiming Qin, Kaihuai Qin, Hanqiu Sun
Progressive Interpolation based on Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces
Zhongxian Chen, Xiaonan Luo, Le Tan, Binghong Ye, Jiapeng Chen
Interpolatory and Mixed Loop Schemes
Zhuo Shi, Shujin Lin, Xiaonan Luo, Renhong Wang
Patch-Type Segmentation of Voxel Shapes using Simplified Surface Skeletons
Dennie Reniers, Alexandru Telea

Session 5 Non-photorealistic Rendering

Context Aware Terrain Visualization for Wayfinding and Navigation
Sebastian Moser, Patrick Degener, Roland Wahl, Reinhard Klein
Online Personalised Non-Photorealistic Rendering Technique for 3D Geometry from Incremental Sketching
Daychyi Ku, Shengfeng Qin, David K. Wright, Cuixia Ma
A Hidden-picture Puzzles Generator
Jong-Chul Yoon, In-Kwon Lee, Henry Kang
Automatic Facsimile of Chinese Calligraphic Writings
Songhua Xu, Hao Jiang, Tao Jin, Francis Chi Moon Lau, Yunhe Pan

Session 6 Animation

Real-Time Animation of Sand-Water Interaction
Witawat Rungjirata, Zoltan Szego, Yoshihiro Kanamori, Tomoyuki Nishita
Robust and Efficient Wave Simulations on Deforming Meshes
Roland Angst, Nils Thuerey, Mario Botsch, Markus Gross
Simulating Inextensible Cloth Using Impulses
Juntao Ye
Smart Motion Synthesis (Project)
Masaki Oshita
Local Volume Preservation for Skinned Characters
Rohmer Damien, Hahmann Stefanie, Cani Marie-Paule

Session 7 Rendering

A Prism-Free Method for Silhouette Rendering in Inverse Displacement Mapping
Ying-Chieh Chen, Chun-Fa Chang
A Resolution Independent Approach for the Accurate Rendering of Grooved Surfaces
Carles Bosch, Xavier Pueyo, Stephane Merillou, Djamchid Ghazanfarpour
Gradient-based Interpolation and Sampling for Real-time Rendering of Inhomogeneous, Single-scattering Media
Zhong Ren, Kun Zhou, Stephen Lin Baining Guo
Real-Time Depth-of-Field Rendering Using Point Splatting on Per-Pixel Layers
Sungkil Lee, Gerard Jounghyun Kim, Seungmoon Choi

Session 8 Illumination

Caustic Forecasting: Unbiased Estimation of Caustic Lighting for Global Illumination
Brian Budge, J. C. Anderson, Kenneth Joy
Photon-Driven Irradiance Cache
Jonathan Brouillat, Pascal Gautron, Kadi Bouatouch
Interactive Global Illumination for Deformable Geometry in CUDA
Arne Schmitz, Markus Tavenrath, Leif Kobbelt
Interactive Glossy Reflections using GPU-based Ray Tracing with Adaptive LOD
Xuan Yu, Rui Wang, Jingyi Yu