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Session 1: Image-Based Modeling and Rendering

SecondSkin: An interactive method for appearance transfer
Anton van den Hengel, Dylan Sale, Anthony R. Dick
Live Video Montage with a Rotating Camera
Zilong Dong, Lei Jiang, Guofeng Zhang, Qing Wang, Hujun Bao
Image-to-Geometry Registration: a Mutual Information Method exploiting Illumination-related Geometric Properties
Massimiliano Corsini, Matteo Dellepiane, Federico Ponchio, Roberto Scopigno
An Intuitive Interface for Interactive High Quality Image-Based Modeling
Martin Habbecke, Leif Kobbelt

Session 2: Data Structure and Collision Detection

Linkless Octree Using Multi-Level Perfect Hashing
Myung Geol Choi, Eunjung Ju, Jungwoo Chang, Young J Kim, Jehee Lee
Approximate on-Surface Distance Computation using Quasi-Developable Charts
Rafael P. Torchelsen, Francisco Pinto, Rui Bastos, Joao L. D. Comba
HPCCD: Hybrid Parallel Continuous Collision Detection using CPUs and GPUs
DukSu Kim, Jae-Pil Heo, JaeHyuk Huh, John Kim, Sung-Eui Yoon

Session 3: Modeling and Deformation

Procedural Generation of Rock Piles using Aperiodic Tiling
Adrien Peytavie, Eric Galin, Jerome Grosjean, Stephane Merillou
Affective Modelling: Profiling Geometrical Models with Human Emotional Responses
Cheng-Hung Lo, Chih-Hsing Chu
ProcDef: Local-to-global Deformation for Skeleton-free Character Animation
Takashi Ijiri, Kenshi Takayama, Hideo Yokota, Takeo Igarashi

Session 4: Animation

Expression Synthesis and Transfer in Parameter Spaces
Hyun Joon Shin, Yunjin Lee
Simulation of Tearing Cloth with Frayed Edges
Napaporn Metaaphanon, Yosuke Bando, Bing-Yu Chen, Tomoyuki Nishita
Simulating Gaseous Fluids with Low and High Speeds
Yue Gao, Chen-Feng Li, Shi-Min Hu, Brian A. Barsky
Procedural Synthesis using Vortex Particle Method for Fluid Simulation
Jong-Chul Yoon, Hyeong Ryeol Kam, Jeong-Mo Hong, Shin Jin Kang, Chang-Hun Kim

Session 5: Image Editing

Automatic Correction of Saturated Regions in Photographs using Cross-Channel Correlation
Syed Zain Masood, Jiejie Zhu, Marshall F. Tappen
Edit Propagation on Bidirectional Texture Functions
Kun Xu, Jiaping Wang, Xin Tong, Shi-Min Hu, Baining Guo
Gradient-Preserving Color Transfer
Xuezhong Xiao, Lizhuang Ma

Session 6: Image Restructuring

Optimizing Structure Preserving Embedded Deformation for Resizing Images and Vector Art
Qi-Xing Huang, Radomir Mech, Nathan Carr
A Shape-Preserving Approach to Image Resizing
Guo-Xin Zhang, Ming-Ming Cheng, Shi-Min Hu, Ralph R. Martin
Texture splicing
Yiming Liu, Jiaping Wang, Su Xue, Xin Tong, Sing Bing Kang, Baining Guo

Session 7: Rendering and Appearance Modeling

The Dual-microfacet Model for Capturing Thin Transparent Slabs
Qiang Dai, Jiaping Wang, Yiming Liu, John Snyder, Enhua Wu Baining Guo
Fast, Sub-Pixel Antialiased Shadow Maps
Minghao Pan, Rui Wang, Weifeng Chen, Kun Zhou, Hujun Bao
Interactive Rendering of Interior Scenes with Dynamic Environment Illumination
Yonghao Yue, Kei Iwasaki, Bing-Yu Chen, Yoshinori Dobashi, Tomoyuki Nishita
Textures on Rank-1 Lattices
Sabrina Dammertz, Holger Dammertz, Alexander Keller, Hendrik P. A. Lensch

Session 8: Abstraction and Design

Image and Video Abstraction by Anisotropic Kuwahara Filtering
Jan Eric Kyprianidis, Henry Kang, Jurgen Dollner
Interactive Cover Design Considering Physical Constraints
Yuki Igarashi, Takeo Igarashi, Hiromasa Suzuki
Flow-Based Automatic Generation of Hybrid Picture Mazes
Fernando J. Wong, Shigeo Takahashi

Session 9: Digital Geometry Processing

Variational Surface Approximation and Model Selection
Bao Li, Ruwen Schnabel, Jin Shiyao,
Mesh Segmentation Refinement
Lotan Kaplansky, Ayellet Tal
Generalized Discrete Ricci Flow
Yong-Liang Yang, Ren Guo, Feng Luo, Shi-Min Hu, Xianfeng Gu
Curvature Aware Fundamental Cycles
Pablo Diaz-Gutierrez, David Eppstein, M. Gopi