Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games 2006 papers on the web

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Precomputed Transfer

View-Dependent Precomputed Light Transport Using Nonlinear Gaussian Function Approximations
Paul Green, Jan Kautz, Wojciech Matusik, Frédo Durand
Photorealistic Lighting with Offset Radiance Transfer Mapping
Ben Sunshine-Hill, Petros Faloutsos
Normal Mapping for Precomputed Radiance Transfer
Peter-Pike Sloan

Modeling and Animating Humans

Human Hand Modeling from Surface Anatomy
Taehyun Rhee, Ulrich Neumann, J.P. Lewis
Human Motion Estimation from a Reduced Marker Set
Guodong Liu, Jingdan Zhang, Wei Wang, Leonard Mcmillan
Animating Blendshape Faces by Cross-Mapping Motion Capture Data
Zhigang Deng, Pei-Ying Chiang, Pamela Fox, Ulrich Neumann
Knowing When to Put Your Foot Down
Leslie Ikemoto, Okan Arikan, David A. Forsyth

Shader-based Rendering

Relief Mapping of Non-Height-Field Surface Details (Project)
Fabio Policarpo, Manuel M. Oliveira
Dynamic Parallax Occlusion Mapping with Approximate Soft Shadows
Natalya Tatarchuk
Fast Scene Voxelization and Applications
Elmar Eisemann, Xavier Décoret
Abstract Shade Trees
Morgan McGuire, George Stathis, Hanspeter Pfister, Shriram Krishnamurthi


Approximate Ambient Occlusion for Tree
Kyle Hegeman, Simon Premoze, Michael Ashikhmin, George Drettakis
Splatting Indirect Illumination
Carsten Dachsbacher, Marc Stamminger
Interactive Sound Synthesis for Large Scale Environments
Nikunj Raghuvanshi, Ming C. Lin

Distance Fields

Jump Flooding in GPU with Applications to Voronoi Diagram and Distance Transform
Guodong Rong, Tan Tiow Seng
Interactive 3D Distance Field Computation using Linear Factorization
Avneesh Sud, Naga K. Govindaraju, Russell Gayle, Dinesh Manocha
Real-Time Texture-Mapped Vector Glyphs
Zheng Qin, Michael McCool, Craig Kaplan

Non-traditional Rendering

Depth Discontinuity Occlusion Camera
Voicu Popescu, Daniel G. Aliaga
Multi-scale Line Drawings from 3D Meshes
Alex Ni, Kyuman Jeong, Seungyong Lee, Lee Markosian

Caustics and Shadows

Interactive Refraction on Complex Static Geometry Using Spherical Harmonics
Olivier Genevaux, Frederic Larue, Jean-Michel Dischler
Interactive Image-Space Techniques for Approximating Caustics
Chris Wyman, Scott Davis
Variance Shadow Maps
William Donnelly, Andrew Lauritzen

Navigation and Interaction

ShowMotion: Camera Motion based 3D Design Review
Nicolas Burtnyk, Azam Khan, George Fitzmaurice, Gordon Kurtenbach
Assisted and Automatic Navigation in Black Oil Reservoir Models Based on Probabilistic Roadmaps (Abstract)
Antonio Calomeni, Waldemar Celes
Two-D or not Two-D: Gender Implications of Visual Cognition in Electronic Games
Tina Ziemek


Multi-Resolution Geometry Synthesis
Martin Bokeloh, Michael Wand
Perceptually Driven Interactive Geometry Remeshing (TR)
Lijun Qu, Gary Meyer
Triangle Order Optimization for Graphics Hardware Computation Culling
Pedro V. Sander, Diego Nehab, Joshua Barczak